Helen Wood & Lorraine Purcell - Golden Diggers

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Golden Diggers

The Hill End and Tambaroora district's contribution to the First World War
Helen Wood and Lorraine Purcell.
The Gold-mining town of hill end was deeply affected by the great war. As well as transforming the lives of those who enlisted, the War altered the lives of those who remained at home. This snapshot in time tells the stories behind the 173 names on the town's War Memorial and gives an account of the contribution made by the hill end and Tambaroora community to this world changing event. It touched every family, from the very young to the old. The enlistees were their fathers, sons, brothers and sisters. Mining may have been in their blood but as true Diggers they had a real sense of obligation to serve their country. As first-hand knowledge of their sacrifice diminishes with time, it is essential to record and preserve it for future generations. Comprehensively researched and sensitively presented by family historian, Helen Wood, this book reveals an aspect of Hill End's history not previously covered to this depth