Beatrice Brooks & Lorraine Purcell - Golden Journeys

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Golden Journeys

Visits to the Western Goldfields of New South Wales
Beatrice Brooks & Lorraine Purcell

GOLD....just the word is enough to conjure up dreams and imaginary experiences in the most dispassionate of readers. This book aims to take that reader on their own 'Golden Journey".

Filled with contemporary reports on the early gold discoveries, this volume follows the day-to-day travels of three journalists of the mid 1850s. The reader is exposed to the everyday living and working conditions of he earliest miners on the Western Goldfields of New South Wales, covering the area from Ophir, along the Turon, the Meroo, the Louisa, the Macquarie and the Cudgegong rivers. It encompasses the early mining history of Sofala, Tambaroora, Richardson's Point (Windeyer ), Hargraves and Pyramul amongst myriads of other smaller, now forgotten, localities.
Tapping into the expertise of the journalists, the reader sees the gold fields through their eyes as they present their findings to the worthy readers of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Empire newspapers.
Family Historians will find this a fascinating depiction of those early years, knowing that they are reading the same reports that their ancestors may have read.
There is no good reason why, armed with this information and a good metal detector, the modern fossiker may  not stand a good chance of finding something that the first visitors to the area may have overlooked.