GS17 High Banker Spray Bar Sluice - 15% Sale

GS17 High Banker Spray Bar Sluice - 15% Sale

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GS17 Highbanker Spray Bar Sluice 

Sluicy Gold Sluices

GS17 High banker is the mid sized sluice with spray bars, has a bottom tray 90cm long and weighs approximately 8.5 kg. The corresponding model without spray bars is the GS11.  


Allowing for a little more capacity but still small enough to fit into the boot of the car for easy transport. Delivery hose attaches to a 1 1/2 male BSP fitting on the sluice.



Riffles made from 20x3mm plate steel. 

The hopper is 600mm long 130mm high 240mm wide.

The tray is 900mm long 80mm high and 250mm wide.

Legs are removable aluminium tube with box steel mountings.

Pump Recommendation:
Petrol pump around 3 hp.


(Rules Governing Highbanking Vary in each state, please check your States Legislation, and local council rules. We cannot be held responsible for any infringement you receive due to the local rules governing your area.)