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GS23 3in1 High Banker 

Sluicy Gold Sluices

The GS23 is the Ultimate 3in1 power sluice. 
Use it with the standard turbo function, the water head function or the spray bar system suitable for all soil conditions.
The Hopper is 90 cm long 18 cm high and 24 cm wide
The Tray is 79 cm long, 8 cm high and 25 cm wide.
This sluice is good for breaking up clay and harder soil that is dry or unwashed pay dirt from the river banks. All legs are adjustable to work on uneven ground.The sluice has a 1 1/2 inch male fitting and will require a female 1 inch fitting from the pipe to the pump.
Sluicing Tips
Gold is on average 18 times heavier than water
Try and run the sluice as flat as possible, make sure its cleaning itself out and the water is cascading over each rifle.
The cleaner the water the better your sluice will recover gold as denser water picks up the gold from the sluice box
Pump Recommendations:
A three HP Petrol pump (at minimum ) is recommended. Whichever size petrol pump you use you will need to have a minimum 1.5" outlet for the following reasons:
1. Your pump will use less petrol
2. Less wear and tear on the motor
3  If you use a 1" inlet you will lose head pressure requiring it to be a lot higher in revs to get the waterflow
4. 1" petrol pumps can lag..