Nugget Finder Advantage - 'Sadie' - 8

Nugget Finder Advantage - 'Sadie' - 8" x 6" Elliptical Coil - Solid

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Nugget Finder 'Sadie' 8 x 6 Elliptical Coil

Specifically designed for small and fine nuggets the 'Sadie ' will clean up !

The Nugget Finder range of gold prospecting coils for Minelab metal detectors are a premium range of coils for the world's best metal detection technology.

Helping you find more gold more often, Nugget Finder coils have the following advantages:


  • Fully bonded construction - Significantly reducing false signals
  • Performance enhancing Litz Wire - Increasing depth and stability
  • Water resistant
  • Potted windings - Reducing false signalling when bumped against rocks and sticks
  • Epoxy reinforced polyurethane mounting bracket - No more cracked coil mounting brackets
  •   Three year factory warranty (When coil is registered with Nugget Finder)

All Nugget Finder Coils are suitable for the Minelab SD, GP, GPX range of metal detectors.