Nugget Finder Evolution 19" Coil - Spoked

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Nuggett Finder 19" Open Coil - Evolution

Sharper & broader target response: enhanced depth penetration on both smaller and larger targets.
Broader Pinpoint Detection: Detection of targets is much more broader from the edge of the coil, allowing for easier pin-pointing methods.
Auto Pressure Value: If used in humid to hot weather conditions, air inside the coil built up air inside the coil is released through the pressure valve automatically.
Weight: 1130 g * Approximately  
Improved Design: for better stability* in most mineralised grounds.
* stability varies depending on settings, soil conditions, time of day, weather conditions, EMI sources and swing methods.                                                                                

Protective Smooth Skid Plate (Fitted):
 Best for achieving less noise from the ground during swinging methods.
Coil Plug Boot: Prevent Dust, Dirt and Stones from getting into the coil plugs pins, when Search coil is not being used.

The Nugget Finder range of gold prospecting coils for Minelab metal detectors are a premium range of coils for the world's best metal detection technology.

Helping you find more gold more often, Nugget Finder coils have the following advantages:


  • Fully bonded construction - Significantly reducing false signals
  • Performance enhancing Litz Wire - Increasing depth and stability
  • Water resistant
  • Potted windings - Reducing false signalling when bumped against rocks and sticks
  • Epoxy reinforced polyurethane mounting bracket - No more cracked coil mounting brackets
  •   Three year factory warranty (When coil is registered with Nugget Finder)

The Evolution Coils have been designed to give greater signal response than the standard same sized coil. The Evolution series of coils from Nugget Finder have been getting great results due to the new design and construction. Superior depth and sensitivity when compared with other like products.

All Nugget Finder Coils are suitable for the Minelab SD, GP, GPX range of metal detectors.