Tyger Diggers

Tyger Diggers

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Tyger Diggers

Hand crafted in Australia from stainless steel.  Precision lazer cut and TIG welded they are made to last and to work in the harshest of conditions. You will not find a better digger than these models from Tyger.

 Tyger Digger:

  • Handle length 600mm
  • Blade end to end 200mm
  • Weight 1.3 kgs

 Tyger Blade:

  • Handle length 126mm
  • Blade end to end 200mm
  • Weight 500 grams

 Tyger Snake:

  • Handle length 240mm
  • Blade end to end 170mm
  • Weight 660 grams

 Tyger Cub:

  • Handle length 120mm
  • Blade end to end 160mm
  • Weight 350 grams